The site is about 160 acres, heavily wooded with large oak, cotton wood, and willow trees so there is lots of shade. There is a small creek running through the site with several foot bridges to access camps on both sides of the creek. There were about 80 camps. The rifle range had a 100 yard capability. The archery range was located in the woods and consisted of about a dozen archery targets, a mix of 3-D and paper targets, and a dozen small hawk blocks. Some of the archery matches required a knife or hawk to complete. They were great fun. The hawk and knife matches were held near the council area on the large hawk blocks. They held matches every day and were all free to enter with the exception of one blanket match. The daily winners were awarded trader bucks to be spent with the traders at that rendezvous. They did not have any aggregate awards for the week. The competitors were divided as adult, youth, and cubs. The ladies had a rolling pin toss and something called a Creek’n down at the creek in heat of the afternoon. I don’t know what went on down at the creek, what go on in the creek stays in the creek, so I’m told. The Dog Solders were on the roam and were fairly strict about being period correct. You could not compete unless you were period from head to toe. In conclusion, this was one the best locations for a rendezvous that I have seen. The events were well run and we all had a lot of fun. I highly recommend this rendezvous.

Fire Woman & Alaska

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