Well, it's just one video right now, I gotta start somewhere! This was taken by Anne Houk (Thank you very much, Anne!) during the Texas vs. The World shoot at the Southwestern Regional 2003 Rendezvous as the winning Texas team cut their post and it fell. The video is in two formats, each is about 500KB, about a minute download through a dial-up modem. There's a link for a QuickTime (.mov) format and a Windows compatible (.mpg) format to the right, click on whichever one is compatible with your video player (the QuickTime version looks better). Hit the PLAY button on your player if necessary when it has downloaded, then close the player or use the BACK button (depending on which player you have) to return to this page after viewing the video. NOTE: As the video downloads, practice shouting "Boom, Boom!". Since the video is silent, this is my way of making this video an interactive experience, you can provide the sound track! QuickTime (.mov) format
Windows (.mpg) format

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